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Descripción del producto

Ingredients: curly endive, red chicory and valerian
Packaging: bag or polistyrene box
Vegetable mix to be boiled - washed product





Descripción del expositor

Born in 1960 for selling vegetables on Brescia’s market, Facchini is now one of the main company in the northern Italy which washes, processes and packages vegetables for national and European markets.

Its own cultivations ensure most part of raw material for the production.
Because of the seasonality of some vegetable, the productive capacity is also supported by partnerships with other companies; all these partners are certified and have married our philosophy.

As for technology, the company boats about a unique spam greenhouse of 50.000 square meters, with temperature, humidity and ventilation automatic management. All is aimed to assure ideal conditions, especially to grow baby leaf salads.

The processing chain is composed by selection, peeling, prewashing, washing, drying and packaging; all these actions occur in a controlled and healthy environment.
The firm has a complete range of packaging lines for all kind of packing : bags, flow packs, trays, bowls, polystyrene boxes and bowls.

Facchini's quality control includes: Selection of the best vegetables coming from our own cultivations and from the certified partners (all GLOBALGAP certified) Proper processing to preserve the organoleptic features and food safety (washing only by drinkable water without addition of chemical products) Temperature control up to the delivery Packaging with high visibility of the product

Pabellón / Stand


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