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Asociacion Peruana de Productores y Exportadores de Mango - APEM


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Urb. San Eduardo A-2


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Teléfono: +51 73 306496
Fax: +51 73 332609

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Peru has a tradition of agriculture. Peru possesses variable climates which allows for the production of over 300 species of fruits and vegetables.

The mango is considered a prized fruit throughout the world and for a short time it has been considered an exotic fruit in the United States and Europe. The mango is produced in Peru with it?s excellent coastal climatic conditions.

The dry tropical climate permits the production of a fruit with a great flavour without the sanitary problems associated with heavy tropical rains.

These excellent environmental conditions favour an excellent quality fruit that is greatly accepted in local markets and for exportation. The high quality of the Peruvian mango has given it a good reputation and placed it in high demand on world markets.

The production of mangos is concentrated in the northern coastal valleys principally in the areas of Olmos and Motupe in Lambayeque; the valley of San Lorenzo, Chulucanas, Tambogrande and Sullana in Piura and Casma in Ancash. The prominent emerging varieties include Kent, Haden and Tommy Atkins that are destined for export.

These varieties are characterized as having a high quantity of edible pulp (fruit) low content of fibre, good colour and appearance as well as very good quality and flavour. It is in demand in international markets.

The Peruvian Mango Growers and Exporters association (APEM) promotes the development of the mango industry. This promotion includes improving the methods of production and harvest, post harvest and the export of Peruvian mangos in order to obtain a high quality product.


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