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Avner Shohet

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Avner Shohet

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2BFresh, a subsidiary of Teshuva Agricultural Projects Ltd. (TAP), produces a wide variety of fresh Micro Leaves (also known as Microgreens) for local and international markets. Originally used by professional chefs for plating, today because of their high nutritional values, they are gaining popularity with home gourmets and health conscious homes as well. Considered “functional foods,” Micro Leaves are known to have disease-preventing and health-improving properties.

TAP’s many years of experience developing soil-less substrate and hydroponic growing methods, coupled with cutting edge technology in fresh produce logistics, have propelled 2BFresh to become a leading player in the rapidly growing healthy food category of Micro Leaves.

​2BFresh's advantages, in a nut-shell :

1. 2BFresh has greenhouses in 4 locations, with different climates. This enables us to grow a wide selection of Micro Leaves, and supply all year round.
(One farm is located in central Israel – this is also our HQ, another is down south in the beautiful Arava desert, the third farm is located in Switzerland and our newest farm is located in Cypress).

2. Our micro leaves are grown throughout the year, in natural & sunny conditions, enabling the product to be more hardy than what is grown in a European and forced climate. As our customers say – these wonderful conditions alone make our product be much more appealing and more intensive in taste!.

3. And finally, our concept – 2BFresh's Micro Leaves are supplied fresh and ready to use, cut at the exact Micro standard size and packed in individual clamshell packages. The clam-shells can easily open & close as needed to keep fresh.
No need to worry about cutting the leaves during service or disposing any growing materials…
2BFresh truly offers a smarter and friendlier way of consuming Micro Leaves.

2BFresh is committed to environmental responsibility.
  • Pesticide free growing methods
  • No ground water pollution
  • Lower carbon footprint compared to living microgreens
  • Significantly less packaging waste and more product per volume




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