Ben-Dor Fruits and Nurseries LTD.


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Yesud Hamaala 1210500

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Teléfono: +972 4 6931161
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Descripción del expositor

Ben-Dor Fruits Ltd. is a family own business which is involved in several agriculture activities, all under a single roof. This combination of interrelated activities offers clients a unique advantage of reliability and convenience in the following areas; more then 25 years of developing deciduous fruit varieties, packing facilities under strict quality assurance (ISO, BRC, Global Gap) and according to customer's demand. Wide species spectrum include breeding varieties, commercial varieties and logistic ability to market produce to local market and exporting abroad.  
Ben-Dor involved in several activities under a single roof. This combination of interrelated activities offers clients a unique advantage and chine of supply from loading fruits to the final destination. 
Wide spectrum of species include special and unique breeding varieties which enable offer supply fresh produce throughout the entire summer, from May – November.
Operating several packing houses for different products under strict quality control, include mechanized sorting system, wet mechanized facility and others. 
Quality assurance; Ben-Dor puts special effort into assuring a high quality working standard for both professional and customer demands, such as full produce traceability, grading procedures and delivery to customer. The company complies with BRC, TNC, Global GAP, Cecex, F2F and ISO 9001 standards. 
Breeding new varieties with the attention to unique characteristic such as appearance, flavor, size, harvest date and skin and flesh color.
Exclusive marketing Ben-Dor breeding varieties and new avocado variety owned by Mr. Blum, Chen avocado.
Varied packaging for different fruit size, weights and customer requirements.

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