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Catherine Sanchez

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Catherine Sanchez

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Teléfono: +33 4 67 61 71 41

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FruiTrop is a journal containing news about trade flows of fresh and processed tropical fruits, fresh citrus, and counter-season fruits and vegetables.
Aimed at a readership of economic and political decision makers in these sectors, it is published in French and English editions.

FruiTrop is distributed in more than 50 countries, with a varied readership from production to retail distribution.

FruiTrop contains regular sections: a 'Close-up' on a particular crop, a European market report, an international press review, etc.
A detailed picture of the market and a decision aid for stakeholders in the fruit and vegetable market, the 'Close-up' section is a full economic and technical review of a fruit or vegetable.

It contains an article on trends, basic information, producer country and importer country sheets, statistics sheets, maps and an agronomy section (varieties, plant management, pests and diseases, post-harvest aspects, etc.).

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