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Kayisdagi Mah. Gülcin Sokak 3/A
34755 Atasehir


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +90 216 602 1301

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Descripción del expositor

DEISKO Ltd, presents the most effective “Science of Freshness” Air Purification Technology to the European Produce sector! We will be present, together with some of our European Regional Bluezone Distribution Coordinators (from: Nordics, Benelux, and Turkey) at the Fruit Logistica for the first time!

The American Bluezone APS technology is THE most effective postharvest Produce (Fruits & Vegetable), but also cut flowers, flower bulbs and other onion kinds, fresh preservation technology available at this moment.

Bluezone keeps produce longer fresh by taking airborne risks as: fungi, molds and yeast spores, bacteria, virus as well as ethylene out of its ambient storage and transport spaces/containers. Preventing produce from early decay!
This without adding any chemicals or gasses! So absolute in a 100% sustainable organic way!
Our latest APS models are also applicable in Grow rooms / Glass houses!

Depending the kind of produce and its maturity when stored Bluezone extends the acceptable storage time with a factor 2 to 3 compared to the convenient storage period. Reducing cost on use of pesticides, 1-MCP or disinfectants as well as electricity. Allowing to store at a bit higher temperature!

Persona de contacto

Eppo Woortman

Propietario de la empresa DEISKO Ltd, en Europa, el embajador de Bluezone
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Şadan Şengül

Sales Manager Turkey
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Marc Spijker

Bluezone Distribution Coordinator Benelux
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Jan Sahlertz

Bluezone Distribution Coordinator NORDICS
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Biz Chances

At the Fruit Logistics exhibition 2020, we like to welcome all who have to deal with the threats of keeping produce fresh and safe. While your waste goes down, your profits are going up!

Potential End- users , local resellers as well as Regional Bluezone Distributor Coordinators are most welcome to collect more information.

For the following (vacant) regions we are looking for Bluezone Distribution Coordinators:
France(North/South), Spain, Portugal, Italy (North South), Poland, Germany (North/South), Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Albania, Estonia, Lithuania, Estonia Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Macedonia, Croatia, Servia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia, Moldovia, Greece, Bulgaria, South Cyprus.

At our Booth we like to provide more information to those interested.