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Descripción del expositor

Seeing is believing, the blockchainbased visible supply chain as solution for high quality and sustainable fresh produce supply chains.

"Seeing is believing" the key to our visible supply chain solution.
We provide traceability, proof of quality & sustainability efforts and supply chain finance for companies in fresh produce supply chains, so for fruits and vegetables. This is important in present complex and international supply chains with companies that have to operate within tight margins.

The blockchain based platform provides you and the companies you cooperate with in the supply chain the possibility to share operational data, in order to optimise your own operation. Our applications help you to improve tracking & tracing, QRbased consumer-communication, planning, working capital optimisation and access to finance.

Clients are producer groups, packers & sorters and fresh produce service providers, retailers and food service companies.

Our transparency applications focus on the visibility of the supply chain. They are:
  • Track&trace, from days to seconds
  • ProduceOrigin, from cash to origin
  • CO2Monitor, prooving the improvement you make

Our operations applications focus on improving the operation by giving insights in quality volumes and status of production batches. Reducing the administrative workload and mistakes are important as well as benchmarking. The applications are:
  • SupplychainInsight, next generation supply chain planning tool
  • QualityProof, hassle-free certificate management and quality insight
  • Benchmark, leveraging best practices
Our finance applications focus on optimising working capital and easing the access to finance. Our applications are:
  • WorkingCapitalOpti, reducing working capital costs
  • WorkingCapitalFinance, easy access to finance
Our business consultants are avaible to support you and your supply chain to implement our software and achieve your goals on tracability, proof of quality & sustainability efforts and supply chain finance.