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5 New Street Square
Reino Unido


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +44 2070787321

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Fresh4cast provides artificial intelligence forecasting solutions for fresh produce.
Let machine learning help you improve productivity, increase margins and reduce waste.

Integrated data
Your decisions require data from multiple sources. We make this easy for you by integrating data from your ERP, data warehouses, Excel files, as well as external data like trade statistics and weather. The output is easily integrated back into your ERP or BI solution of your choice. Or you can also use our own specialised BI tools.

Virtual employee
Our virtual analyst Saga will strengthen your team without adding headcount. Saga can send you email reports in seconds, send alerts to relevant users, and much more. Fast and factual.

Accurate forecast
Machine learning applications are widely used in other sectors, as they are faster and more reliable than human forecasts. Fresh4cast has more experience than any other company in developing machine learning solutions for growers and distributors of fresh produce. If you'd like to improve your yield, pack line or sales forecast, do get in touch.

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