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G.van den Bos / A. van Daalen

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G.van den Bos / A. van Daalen


Personas de contacto de CARGOBOSS / VAN DAALEN TRANSPORT

Países Bajos

Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +31 174 525111
Fax: +31 174 540390

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CARGOBOSS is an international transport company founded in 1902. The forefathers of the current directors began transporting products from growers to local auctions in canal boats some hundred years ago. By now, the company is specialised in controlled climate (joint cargo) transport to many destinations in Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria. CARGOBOSS is also active in transport of air cargo by road (trucking). Together with the sister company, van daalen transport, the company has 80 lorries and a modern storage and transhipment centre in Maasdijk.

Van daalen transport is an internationally operating transport company, specialised in climate controlled joint cargo transport of flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables.

One of the most important targets is to maintain and reach satisfied clients.. Our trucks drive to Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany on a daily basis. Such client satisfaction can only be achieved through optimally motivated employees and a modern fleet of vehicles, which together can supply a perfect product at a keen market price.

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