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George Kallitsis

Export Director
Productos frescos


Personas de contacto de Protofanousi Fruits S.A.

57008 Thessaloniki

Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +30 231 0289 195
Móvil: +30 697 2822060
Fax: +30 231 0754 211

Pabellón / Stand


Protofanousi Fruits S.A.

Protofanousi Fruits S.A.


Descripción del expositor

The Protofanousis family has been specializing in the sale of fruit since 1928.
Today, the company is one of the largest exporters in Northern Greece, with an annual turnover of 27 million euros.
It handles about 21 million kilos of fruit per year and supplies products directly to large supermarket chains in European countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Canada.
It employs 40 permanent staff and up to 150 staff according to the season.
It maintains refrigerated storage facilities and packing plants in Thessaloniki with a total area of 7,500 sq.m., Controlled Atmosphere refrigerators in Nea Ephesοs, Katerini, with a capacity of 16,000 tons, a distribution center in Thessaloniki's central vegetable market, and a warehouse-precooler in Kerasia.
All procedures followed in cultivation, sorting, packing and distribution have a single goal: the production of standardized, high-quality, safe products to meet the high standards of the company as well as to comply with national and European regulations.

Pabellón / Stand


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