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Goran Stanarevic

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Personas de contacto de Pollino Plast d.o.o.

22310 Simanovci

Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +381113713690
Móvil: +38163237111
Fax: +381113713695

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BOX PALLETS PP785A BOX PALLETS with 4 feet (compatible with Pallbox 110 FA and Europlast CT / X) External dimensions: lxbxh=1200x1000x785 mm Material: HDPE, UV stabilized, non-toxic in contact with food, totally recyclable. Capacity: 690 lit. Weight: 36kg + / - 3%, maximum load 500 kg,: Max. warehouse capacity: 5,000 kg Colors: Gray and black, others on request


Pollino Plast d.o.o.

Pollino Plast d.o.o.


Descripción del expositor

Company for the production of plastic products POLLINO Plast Ltd., was founded 23.01.2012. private capital. It is located in Simanovci, Pecinci, Serbia, next to the highway Belgrade - Zagreb, 30 km from main capital city Belgrade.
The production facility, in addition to several smaller ones, have a basic and greatest machine for plastic clamping force 4500 tons, the distance between guides to 2.43 m for the production of parts up to 60 kg of weight, which is the largest machine in the ex-Yugoslavia, this part of the Balkans and beyond within 800 kilometers. Therefore puts us in the most competitive suppliers because of the proximity, and the prices of our products as well as the speed and quality of service we provide to our clients.

Pollino Cold Storage System – As the name says, is highly specialized refrigeration company, for industrial as well as for all types of storage, in controlled atmosphere as well as in minus and plus degree regimes.
Pollino Cold Storage System is a part of Pollino Group, which consists of our sister companies: Pollino Plast and Pollino Agrar, which proves how much we are involved in agro business, especially in production of fruit and vegetables, packaging and their storage. Regarding storage, we are specialized, beside fruits and vege-tables, in keeping meat, milk processing, as well as designing and construction of distribution centers.

Pabellón / Stand


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