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Descripción del producto

New designed & patented
Haith Rootveg Polisher - for Carrots, Potatoes, Parsnips, Red Beet, Swede

Over the past 8 years since the introduction of the brush polisher to pack houses, washing has changed dramatically, lines using this type of system have found a good increase in pack out due to the polisher being able to remove imperfections on the skin which in many cases can bring the vegetable from class two to class one, giving the packer an excellent return on the investment.

Since we designed the first Haith Rootveg polisher we have carried out continual development to get the optimum in brush technology for different vegetables, ease of maintenance and low running cost for the end user, with this in mind we have just launched our new model for 2011 which unlike all polishers on the market today has NO DRIVE BELTS or PULLEYS to give problems, this machine has a patent applied for direct drive system which uses a unique coupling between the brush roller and gearbox to allow for roller removal in minutes.

The brush rollers are a cartridge design and have a special bearing housing with extra sealing to prevent ingress of water giving extended life, there is also an option for automatic greasing to all bearings making the Haith polisher virtually maintenance free for many months.


Haith Engineers Ltd.

Haith Engineers Ltd.


Descripción del expositor

Haith Group, a world leader manufacturing machinery for handling root crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions, Swedes, Red beet, and all manner of other vegetables.

The company specializes in Grading, Washing, Bulk Handling, Weighing, Pre-Packing lines and water Treatment systems, using the latest computer aided design and production technology.

Today Haith is recognized as a fore runner in design and technology having won ‘The Queens Award for innovation’ along with many other awards for quality and design and is constantly launching new products which keep the company ahead of its competitors!!

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