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John Bele


Persona de contacto de NIPRO FRESH- Fruit Wax Coatings




NIPRO FRESH- Fruit Wax Coatings

NIPRO FRESH- Fruit Wax Coatings


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We introduce ourselves as a Manufacturer and Exporter of Wax Coating for fruits and vegetables. Nipro-Fresh is an Eco-friendly, non-ammonia based wax coating, which is completely safe for use on fruits and vegetables. Nipro-Fresh wax coating is a product developed for use on fruits and vegetables that are intended to be stored in Cold Storage or are transported over long distances. Various Research Laboratories and Institutes have tested Nipro-Fresh on different fruits and vegetables including Mango, Guava, Apple, Citrus etc.

Advantages of applying wax:
  • Prevents active bacterial generation and provides a better shelf life to fruits.
  • Protects the fruit from its external and internal factors, post harvesting methods
  • Fruits sustain its freshness from the farm fields till it reaches the market and finally to the consumers.
  • Protects fruits during transport, packaging be it for small or long distances without the fruits being damaged or losing its freshness.
  • Protects the fruits from harvesting stage to consumption stage.
  • Enhance the appearance of the produce
  • Reduces weight loss
  • Prevent moisture loss and increase preservation
  • Keep fruits from losing moisture and fresh increasing the shelf life, quality and look.
  • Provides gloss
  • Protecting from water loss
  • Reduces respiration
  • Retains freshness




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