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Jos Derijk

Manager Sales & Marketing
Productos frescos

Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +31 77 475 2002

Pabellón / Stand


Marcelissen Food Processing Machinery

Marcelissen Food Processing Machinery


Descripción del expositor

Marcelissen Food Processing Machinery is your partner in realising company growth -and stability. With the help of our innovative, technical and high-quality solutions we increase the added value of your end product and decrease your overall company cost.

Impassioned and dedicated to our work and your industry, we’ve been delivering customer specific solutions for over 70 years, currently with a team of 24 dedicated employees and a worldwide network of sales agents, whom are available to you both day and night!

We are proud of the given performances of Marcelissen solutions to our customers and invite you to join us in our mission to help you reach the highest success achievable.

Interested in how we could be of service to you and your product? Please visit our stand and let us discover how we can further improve your business!

Creating Innovative Solutions that Add Value to Vegetables.

Pabellón / Stand


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