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Anatoli SA

Anatoli SA


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Anatoli S.A.
The Company

Anatoli S.A. is a Greek family business founded in 2006, which operates and specializes in the trade and export of Kiwi fruit using the most efficient methods for packaging, storage and safe transportation, of the products in the right time and in highest quality.

Our Team
Athanasios Mezes and the rest of the Anatoli S.A. team, cooperates with the most experienced and certified producers.

The headquarter is located 100km from Thessaloniki and more specifically in Monospita-Chariessa. We are focused to provide unique and high-quality products, with safety and precision to our customers!

Biggest refrigerator facilities
Our company has the biggest refrigerator storage facilities in Greece, reaching almost 13.000 Tons.

Thanks to its advanced technology the fruit is kept under ideal conditions, so that can maintain its quality characteristics, its flavor and its firmness for an extended time period.

Certification and Safety.
All certified procedures are followed in harvesting, sorting, packing and
goods distribution.

Thanks to our food quality and safety system, our company ensures the total
traceability of our materials and finest quality control on incoming and out-
going goods from its cold storage chambers.

The facilities, the equipment of the company, and the operations take place under high tech refrigerators for the storage and maintenance of kiwi fruit.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Best Regards,
Mezes Athanasios




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