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Maria Borchers

Persona de contacto de Plantaflor Humus Verkaufs-GmbH

Export Manager
Sistemas técnicos

Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: 04441-926334
Móvil: 0172 - 5422146
Fax: 04441-926344


Plantaflor Humus Verkaufs-GmbH
Oldenburger Str. 4
49377 Vechta
Baja Sajonia

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Großhändler in aller Welt für Torfprodukte


Verkauf von Substraten, Torf und Blumenerden


Plantaflor Humus Verkaufs-GmbH

Plantaflor Humus Verkaufs-GmbH


Descripción del expositor

All over the world the Plantaflor substrates, peat and soils ensure an optimal growth in all application areas of horticulture.

Best raw materials of own peat fields and the supervised process on the most modern production equipments in Germany and the Baltic guarantee a constant high quality of our whole production range. Due to an intensive cooperation with research and testing institutions this production range is continually improved and developed.

Furthermore our innovative production processes make it possible for us to mix individual substrates, which are matched with the different plants and cultures according to the requests of our customers.

Pabellón / Stand


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