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Recomendación de SATURNO F1 by PROGENE SEED

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Descripción del producto

Southern Seed is glad to introduce a new variety of cantaloupe melon by Progene Seed.
Progene Seed s.s.a. is a sister company of Southern Seed. This seed company was born to satisfy the needs of consumers, growers and nursery owners that wish high quality products.
Progene Seed focuses on the sale of F1 vegetable hybrid varieties that are born by a careful breeding of its geneticists. They are always careful to obtain avant-garde products which are competitive on the market.
Innovation is the keyword of Progene Seed mission.
New varieties research is supported by the most advanced breeding techniques that, together with the traditional methods, allow the birth of new varieties are fit for the consumers. These varieties are the result of the strong work of R&D sector of Progene Seed.
With its highly qualified, available and patient staff, Progene Seed is able to follow and help everyone in all the requests.

Rustic, good vigor.
Homogeneous fruit set, excellent production yield.

Oval shape with marked net and well-defined slice.
Consistent, sweet and aromatic orange flesh.
Average weight 1,8 - 2 kg

For greenhouse: Winter, Spring
For tunnel greenhouse: Spring


Southern Seed srl

Southern Seed srl


Descripción del expositor

Southern Seed Srl was established and developed in south-eastern Sicily as an independent seed company. The excellent soil and climatic conditions of the region make it perfect for supplying the requirements of all the countries of the Mediterranean basin as well as other production areas around the world.

Thanks to a motivated and conscientious workforce, Southern Seed Srl now has branches in most of the regions of Italy and abroad.

Using advanced research and experimental techniques, geneticists are able to develop varieties with a broad genetic base which can adapt to different cultivation conditions, they are highly competent and they can respond to the most diverse market demands.

Southern Seed's research is focussed on species of interest to professional horticulturalists, such as Tomato, Pepper, Aubergine, Courgette, Melon, Watermelon, etc., and the hard work leds to several hybrids development that now have a strong position in the market due to their technical, agronomic and organoleptic properties.

Genetic improvement and selection have enabled Southern Seed Srl to bring to the market hybrids with resistances and tolerances to a wide range of adversities. Attention is equally focussed on high standards of quality and taste, resulting in greater diversification of the products which in turn are also more attractive to the markets.

The primary objective of Southern Seed Srl is to develop innovative varieties in response to the demands of the agri-food sector while giving substantial consideration to the specific conditions of individual cultivation zones.

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