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Tania Incerti

Persona de contacto de AgricolliBio s.r.l.

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AgricolliBio s.r.l.

AgricolliBio s.r.l.


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AgricolliBio is an Italian company specialized in Organic Kiwi production. We can provide our customers with different varieties: Hayward, Greenlight, Gold, Red and imported Hayward from Chile during the summer in order to cover all year round. Moreover, we have invested in our own Organic production in South Africa and we are able to supply Gold and Red Kiwi in counter-season.

Having a packing station in our warehouse, we can pack several formats, going from loose 10 kg and 6 kg to trays, layers or punnets and we can also supply our Kiwi in IFCO and EPS.

AgricolliBio really believes in a sustainable way of doing business; therefore solutions such as plastic-free packagings and Natural Branding have been implemented since 2016: carton, biodregradable trays; compostable stickers and labels; and last but not least the brand new and well-established Laser Branding technology, which gives the customer the opportunity to choose and customize its own logo and information that will be directly lasered on the fruit.

In addition to Kiwifruit, we implemented our product portfolio with Organic Ginger, Turmeric, Apples and Pears.

Our products are Organic, Global Gap, BRC, Faitrade, Demeter and IFS certified.

Pabellón / Stand


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