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Meshek 41
Moshav Zeitan 7169800


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +972 76-539-2394
Fax: +972 76-539-2397
Móvil: +972 52-533-4012

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In March 2016 after many years of exporting our fresh herbs via different export companies we thought to ourselves, why don't we do it ourselves:
Why don't we send our product directly to our clients? Give each  customer a Taylor made solution for their needs directly without anyone in between us.
SO, WE DID IT!  7 of the biggest fresh herbs growers in Israel now own a company and what better name to give it then
"The Growers".
What  is  different  about  us?  We  don't  need  to go looking  and buying the fresh herbs, we grow them especially for you in our fields! We  can guarantee  to provide you with all varieties of fresh herbs all  around  the  year 
We are all, of  course, Global  Gap accredited and  work according to all the necessary regulations, with the highest standards! Our logistic team will make sure you get our product whenever and wherever you need it.
As of today we are already supplying many customers world wide and we intend  to continue and supply many more...


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