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Descripción del producto

Die Qualität unserer Pilze wird bereits beim Wareneingang kontrolliert und protokolliert. In unserem betriebseigenen Labor sind elektronische Geräte zur Untersuchung von Radioaktivität sowie zur Bestimmung des Feuchtigkeitsgehaltes vorhanden.

Weitere Untersuchungen werden von einem Chemischen Institut vorgenommen. Zusätzlich lassen wir auch unsere fertig verpackten Produkte untersuchen. Selbstverständlich legen wir Ihnen auf Ihren Wunsch ein Untersuchungszeugnis vom Chemischen Institut vor. Durch das sorgfältige Sortier-, Pack- und Kontrollsystem in unserem Betrieb können wir Ihnen und Ihren Kunden gleichbleibend hohe Qualität zusichern.

Unser Angebot:
  • Steinpilze I. Wahl, "Extra Qualität"
  • Steinpilze ILWahl
  • Pfifferlinge
  • Waldpilzmischung
  • Pilzmischung
  • Asiatische Pilzmischung
  • Spitzmorcheln
  • Spitzmorcheln
  • Alorche/bruch
  • Mu-Err-Pilze, "Black Fungus"
  • Mu-Err-Pilze, "White Fungus"
  • Champignons I.Wahl
  • Shii-Take-Pilze geschnitten
  • Shii-Take-Pilze, "Donggu"
  • Herbsttrompeten I.Wahl

Pabellón / Stand


Bayer. Pilze & Waldfrüchte Uwe Niklas GmbH

Bayer. Pilze & Waldfrüchte Uwe Niklas GmbH


Descripción del expositor

The history of the company began in the area of fresh foods; Meanwhile, the company “Bayerische Pilze & Waldfrüchte Uwe Niklas GmbH” in Roding-Neubäu, in the district Cham, in the front of the Bavarian Forest, has become one of the most important suppliers of fresh, dried and frozen mushrooms. Committed employees, regular quality controls, radioactivity tests, as well as examinations made by chemical institutes guarantee the quality of the goods while nationwide selling and export to various EU countries guarantee the sales figures. The company is now already leaded by the third generation; In 1988, the present company owner, Uwe Niklas, took over the firm. Today, it is justified to call it one of the few special suppliers of excellent forest mushrooms and berries in Germany. About 30 employees – due to seasonal influences up to 70 – belong to the committed team and make sure that the goods leave the company in appropriate quality and that the customer receives them punctually. In March 1999, the new production sheds were opened, which guarantee a productive work with the most modern machines and cooling technologies. In 2002, the first company expansion was carried out and at the moment, the second expansion is made. Thus, all measures were taken for the present quality standard and the most modern production technology. However, for a good end product, it is in spite of the most modern machines and technologies not possible, to do without any working by hand. All chanterelles, yellow boletuses and other forest mushrooms are additionally sorted by hand when they are packed. Complaints regarding the quality and the quantities of the delivery will be considered only if made immediately after receipt of the goods. The goods remain our property until they are completely paid. The expanded reservation of proprietary rights is valid. Place of performance and jurisdiction is Roding.

“We set the greatest store on the quality”!
The quality of our mushrooms is already controlled and recorded when they arrive in our company. In our company-owned laboratory, there are electronic instruments for the examination of radioactivity and for the checking of the water content of dried mushrooms. Additional examinations are made by a chemical institute. Furthermore, we also get examined our packed products.In the past years, there were sold by far more than 2000 tons of mushrooms per year. Fresh chanterelles have in the past years led to large sales quantities and favourable prices in the wholesale and retail trade owing to the good quality and because of the good crops.The company has scored great successes in the field of the packing of fresh, dried and frozen mushrooms in small packing units. Thus, it was possible to make very huge sales in the retail trade. In our firm in Roding-Neubäu, we have the most modern packing lines at our disposal. Here, all mushrooms are controlled, sorted by hand and packed. This is why we can guarantee that our customers always receive the same good quality.

As regards the packing units, we endeavour to respond to each individual desire of our customers. We also produce SPECIAL BRANDS. Among the customers of the company “Bayerische Pilze & Waldfrüchte Uwe Niklas GmbH”, there are fruit and vegetable wholesalers on the central markets, bulk buyers, gastronomy suppliers, C & C markets and voluntary chains. We hope that your company will follow soon! There are daily delivery possibilities, from Monday to Sunday, at the agreed moment! After receipt of the order, we deliver the fresh mushrooms within 24 hours, dried and frozen mushrooms within 48 hours or by arrangement. Complaints regarding the quality and the quantities of the delivery will be considered only if made after receipt of the goods immediately. The goods remain our property until they are completely paid. The expanded reservation of proprietary rights is valid. Place of performance and jurisdiction is Roding. The deliveries are executed free of charge.

Pabellón / Stand


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