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Garibai 28
20560 Onati


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +34 943739200

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Descripción del expositor

Since 1961 we have been designing and developing packaging products and services and innovating to provide solutions that meet our customers' needs. What sets us apart is our extensive catalogue, incorporating cutting-edge technologies, a friendly and flexible service and our ability to provide turnkey solutions.
We are strongly committed to reducing the amount of packaging material required, with the aim of minimizing the impact on the environment, while maintaining the benefits of packaging, in terms of product protection and shelf life.

We work in a very close collaboration with film suppliers, in the development of new packagings and materials, to offer our customers more recyclable or compostable packaging solutions.

ULMA is in a constant evolution to offer our customers the most updated machines capable to work with more sustainable materials.

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HFFS, Flow Pack, Vertical Bagging Machine, Traysealer, Thermoformer, ULMA, Packaging,

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