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    AgriDrones is an innovative company with a passion to bring drone based solutions to the agricultural world, especially in terms of dealing with citrus pests such as the Mediterranean Fruit Fly and the False Codling Moth. We are using cutting edge technology combined with multi-layers GIS and experienced drone-pilots to bring value, accuracy and efficiency to meet our clients needs, allowing them to enjoy a pests free environment and a quite, efficient and accurate solution like never before.
  • Heliospectra AB

    Heliospectra AB specializes in intelligent, high-intensity LED lighting solutions and light control systems, for greenhouse growers, indoor grow facilities, vertical farming and researchers. With the vision to make commercial crop production more connected and resource-efficient we develop LED grow lights in collaboration with commercial growers - for growers. Heliospectra’s holistic and flexible solutions are used by growers all around the world to consistently increase yields while producing c…