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  • Master SAID AGHZOU

    Visitante profesionale de VALYOUR
    gerente de ventas
    IMPORTADORES TRANSPORTADORES Mayorista / Distribuidor Detallista SANDÍA
  • slimane boujbel

    Visitante profesionale de Haïfa
    sales manager
    Export Deglet Nour, K.Allig and Kenta from Tunisia
  • Momodou Alasan Ceesay

    Visitante profesionale de Gambia Horticultural Enterprise
    Managing Director
    Exporters of fresh mangoes and vegetables from The Gambia by Air and Sea. Global GAP certified fresh Mangoes, limes, papaya and Dried Mango Flakes, Herbal teas, Cashew nuts, groundnuts. Also fresh vegetables such as Chillies, hot pepper habanero, Green Beans, Aubergines, Sweet potatoes, Sweet corn, Cassava, etc.