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Kaplanis Fruits

Kaplanis Fruits


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KAPLANIS FRUITS is a family business activated in the production, standardization, packaging and marketing of agricultural products. Georgios Kaplanis (father) started the company back in 1948 and then Nikolaos Kaplanis (son) took control, who continued and expanded the business.
The company is located in Psari, Prefecture of Ilia, in the region of Manolada where strawberry plants are being grown for many years.

KAPLANIS FRUITS, in cooperation with local producers and specialized staff, collects and packs top quality strawberries of certified seeds and distributes them on the international market (Russia, France, Romania, Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic etc.) , on the Greek market and on Meedle East market.

We are certified according to the standards of GLOBAL GAP and IFS .

Our company has 60 hectars of agricultural land, mainly for strawberry production in greenhouses.

After picking, strawberries are placed in transparent plastic cups which are put in cardboards or wooden boards, depending on the customer’s preference. Then, the strawberries are transferred in accordance with the hygiene and food safety rules at our packing centre where they are placed on pallets and are immediately pre-cooled in the state-of-the-art cooling chambers of our company.

Our experience is the best guarantee for high quality products, good service and cooperation.
Scientific procedure, correct agricultural methods, total quality management, strict quality control team, high technology facilities and expert personnel enable us to supply strawberries having preserved all their properties and freshness

KAPLANIS FRUITS boasts privately owned building facilities with a surrounding area of 5,000 square meters. It disposes 4 state-of-the-art cooling chambers, with a 100 ton capacity for the proper pre-cooling of strawberries.

Being familiar with market requirements, our goal is to provide top quality agricultural products which comply with the highest safety and quality standards, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.
  • Development of our business in the field of marketing and creation of a brand name synonymous with prime quality products which fully satisfy customer needs.
  • Quick and efficient customer service.
  • Exports and reputation in more countries.
  • Increasing our manufacturing productivity.

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